Leonardo Pereznieto

Leonardo Pereznieto has exhibited his work in many prominent museums and galleries of cities such as Florence, London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Nice, Frankfurt, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.He has delivered over fifty lectures all over the world including the New York Academy of Art, Celebrity Centre Florence, the University of Michigan and the Kharkov State University (Ukraine).

Some of the prizes he has been awarded are:

Gold Medal, Italy Award for Visual

Premio Firenze, Florence, Italy

Awarded by the International Art Festival, NY, NY

Leonardo is co-founder of the new cultural movement of postromanticism, together with writer and art critic Claudia Moscovici. He is an author and a teacher himself. Pereznieto is represented in New York and Asia by Able Fine Art NY Gallery and in Mexico by Pristine Galerie. From his early years Leonardo began an interesting international career. Youngest son of painter Fernando Pereznieto and of the writer and classical guitarist Corazón Otero, he was raised in an artistic and cultural environment, and was given the great opportunity of studying in three countries: Mexico, Italy and the United States.

With his father as his professor, since he was a very young boy he learned different techniques. In fact, he was painting watercolors before he even knew how to talk and walk. He began to master many other techniques like etching, lithography, serigraphy and oil painting. He had his first painting exhibit when he was 8 at the “Goya Gallery” in Mexico City, then he presented his work in many other international galleries and museums, in Paris, Florence, London, Frankfurt, Montecarlo, New York, Los Angeles, etc.


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Being a motoring enthusiast, he had his first individual car paintings exhibit named "High Speed" at age 17 at the Tijuana “Continuous Dimensions” gallery. Due to the quality of his work he was hired to do some paintings for important companies such as Volkswagen Mexico and “Transportación Marítima Mexicana”. He also participated in the design of the first “Junior Formula” racing cars in Mexico. Leo studied at the “Artistic Liceo” of Florence in Italy, where learning at school was complemented by visiting the museums of this renaissance city so rich in art. At the same time he took private lessons with famous artists and worked lithographies in studios both in Florence and Barcelona. Later on he officially painted “portraits” of cars for the Ferrari agencies in Mexico.

Leonardo completed high school in Mexico and once he graduated he returned to Italy to materialize one of his dreams: the study of automobile design, which he accomplished in the "Istituto Nazionale di Scienza dell’ Automobile" in Modena. While in Italy he was a reporter for the "Automobile Friends" magazine, where he published his drawings and many articles. His work also appeared in other magazines such as "Grand Prix" and “Motor y Volante” of Mexico and in the Italian "Autosprint".

Moreover, he has dedicated a large part of his life to the improvement of people and society. In this field, Leonardo is the Director of Visual Arts for the non-profit organization Artists and Runners for Human Rights Mexico which has the purpose of raising people's awareness about the UN´s Universal Declaration for Human Rights. He has also organized several drug prevention courses and lectures for the youth. He is active bringing values back to society volunteering and being a speaker for The Way to Happiness and for the Youth for Human Rights foundations.

Currently Leonardo Pereznieto resides in Mexico, from where he continues his successful artistic career, splurging onto his work the entire aesthetic and cultural message he has been gathering throughout his life.


Group Exhibitions (selection):

2021: Binance 100 Artists NFT marketplace launch

2012: Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York
2011: Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul
2011: Sloan Gallery, New York
2009: Palazzo Panciatichi, Florence, Italy
2009: APW Gallery, Long Island, NY
2008: Palazzo Pretorio, Certaldo, Italy
2008: Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey, Mexico
2208: Mexican Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany
2007: Nueva Santander Galery, McAllen, Texas
2007: Retos Va, Macroplaza, Monterrey, Mexico
2006: Museum of the Church of Santo Stefano, Florence, Italy
2006: San Pedro Auditorium, Monterrey, Mexico
2006: Hotel Quinta Real, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
2006: University Tec Milenio, Monterrey, NL. Mexico
2006: More Colors, Deportivo San Agustin, NL, Mexico
2005: Biennale di Firenze, Italy
2005: International Art Festival, New York
2005: Auditorium San Pedro, Monterrey, Mexico
2005: Autum Salon, Fatima, Monterrey, Mexico
2005: Casa de Tlalpan, Mexico City
2004: Galeria Mexicana, Ann Arbor, Michigan
2003: In his studio, Mexico City, Mexico
2002: American College campus, Mexico City
2001: Mozart Gallery, Nice, France
2001: Marna Hall , Condesa, Mexico City
2000: Estudio Pereznieto, Mexico City
1999: Galeria Ferrari, Mexico City
1998: Estudio Pereznieto, Mexico City
1987: Transportación Marítima Mexicana, Mexico City
1986: Estudio Pereznieto, Mexico City
1984: Casa del Popolo, Florence, Italy
1981: University of California in Los Angeles, USA
1980: Brod Gallery, London, UK
1978: First exhibition, Goya gallery, Mexico City, with his father

Solo Shows: 

2015: Drama League of New York, NY (his book release & exhibit)
2013: Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York
2011: Celebrity Centre New York
2010: Leonardo Pereznieto's Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico
2009: Pristine Galerie, Monterrey, México
2007: Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Florence, Italy
2007: Corredor del Arte, Televisa Monterrey, Mexico
2006: Mozart Gallery, Nice, France
2005: Celebrity Centre NY, NY
2005: Jaguar Despertado gallery, Villahermosa, Mexico
2005: House of Culture of Tabasco in Mexico City
2005: Villa Dorada, Santiago, Mexico
2004: Celebrity Centre Paris, France
2004: Hacienda Vista Real, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
2004: Center of Exhibitions Las Americas, Mexico City
2004: Studio Pereznieto, Mexico City
2003: Celebrity Centre Florence, Italy
2003: Mozart Gallery , Nice, France
2003: Brenda Gallery, Monaco
2003: Court of Arts Tequisquiapan, Mexico
2003: Center of Culture, Tabasco, Mexico
2002: Centre of Exhibitions Americas, Mexico City
2002: In his studio, Mexico City
2002: Ligaya, colonia Condesa, Mexico City
2002: Ski-Hi gallery, Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City
2001: In his studio, Mexico City
2001: WTC Mexico, with Ferrari
2001: Ferrari gallery, Mexico City
2001: Fundidora Park, Monterrey, Mexico
2001: Savanah gallery, Polanco, Mexico City
1999: Estudio Pereznieto, Mexico City
1998: Sala Marna, Mexico City
1987: Dimensiones Continuas gallery, Tijuana, Mexico.


2010: Art Space World Web Award of Excellence 2010–2011
2008: Best of show: Gold Medal, Italy Award for Visual Arts
2008: Premio Firenze, Italy
2006: Art Space World Web Award of Excellence 2006–2007
2006: Bel Art Award (web) Portugal
2006: Gold Kara Art Award (web)
2005: Awarded by the International Art Festival, New York
2005: Honorary Mention, Asociación de la Plástica, Mexico
2005: Honorary Mention, Fatima, Monterrey, Mexico
2003: Mozart Prize for the Arts (sculpture), Nice, France


Celebrity Centre Florence
Mozart Asociation, Nice, France
Mexican Consulate, Florence, Italy
Transportación Marítima Mexicana (TMM)
Esteban Cortazar, fashion designer, Miami
Juan Ferrara, Actor, Mexico
Fernando Keops, Magician, Las Vegas
Elisabetta Madotto, Model, Milan, Italy
Anagabriela Espinoza, Miss International 2009

Lectures and Appearances:

New York Academy of Art
University of Michigan, USA
Celebrity Centre Firenze, Italy
Celebrity Centre New York
Kharkov State University, Ukraine
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico
Plaza Fatima Auditorium, San Pedro, Mexico
Hall of the Arts, Tequisquiapan, Mexico


2008: Director and Founding Member of Artists and Runners for Human Rights Mexico
2003: Co-founder of the international artistic movement Postromanticism, along with Claudia Moscovici
2003: Founder and Jury of the Fernando Pereznieto Mexican National Contest for Graphic Arts

Poets who have written on his art:

Claudia Moscovici, USA
Rita Buccini, Italia
Carla Páez, Mexico
Zoe, Mexico


Sculpture, Painting, and Drawing, New York Academy of Art
2000–02: L. Ron Hubbard's Art Series
1996–97: Specializes in set painting in Hollywood, California
1991: Specializes in executive administration in the International Training Org., California
1990: Specializes in administration in the Flag Service Organization, Clearwater, Florida
1987–89: Specializes in car design in the ISSAM, Modena, Italy
1986: Studies watercolor painting with Professor Edgardo Coghlan
1985: Liceo Artistico, Florence, Italy