Naranja painting by Leonardo Pereznieto

Painting knives:
The Holbein Steel Painting Knife Mx-1 was the most recommended to me by my mentor David Cheifetz
I was using a more economic one similar to the n.5 on this set
- Titanium White, Winsor & Newton
- Flake White, Winsor & Newton
- Winsor and Newton Naples Yellow
- Maimeri CLassico, Primary Yellow
- Winsor & Newton Winton Cadmium Yellow Deep
- Winsor & Newton Yellow Ochre
- Winsor & Newton Cadmium Orange
- Winsor & Newton Cadmium Red
- Winsor & Newton Alizarin Crimson
- Maimeri CLassico, Primary Blue (Cyan)
- Winsor & Newton Burnt Umber
- Old Holland Sepia Extra
- Winsor & Newton Ivory Black
- I used a similar to this 10 x 10 pre-stretched canvas

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