Passion for Life

Passion for Life

Title: Passion for Life
Medium: Bronze
Size: 17 x 16 x 10 inches (45 x 40 x 25 cm)

I made this sculpture after a fantastic experience: I was traveling through Switzerland and stoped in a little town for the evening and night. This location was located by a good-sized lake, and it was in October, while the cold weather was setting in. 

I went out to take a walk by the lake. The view was a bit dramatic with thick grey clouds and humidity in the air. The clouds had a few openings, and Sunrays went through, illuminating the lake with golden light. I was ecstatic with this amazing view.

All of a sudden I heard a nearby thunder, and instantly, the clouds broke down, and rain poured on us. I saw everyone fleeing to find cover. I unbuttoned my shirt slowly, extended my arms and turned my face toward the sky with my eyes shot, to experience the moment thoroughly. The rain was so cold it hurt, and the event was so intense and I was so happy, that tears rolled off my cheeks. 

I will never forget the feeling I had during this episode, and so I decided I would create a sculpture where I could express the experience. I used a female figure as I find it much more pleasing. Once I finished it, I called it “Passion for Life.”

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