The Falcon’s Flight

The Falcon’s Flight

“The Falcon’s Flight”
Graphite drawing 18 x 13 1/2 inches (46 x 35 cm), made on acid-free paper.

It was inspired by the feeling of freedom, by beauty, and by the communion that we can have with nature.

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"While the artist Leonardo Pereznieto focuses on female beauty, he depicts the body as ethereal yet perfect and, in the case of the drawing “The Falcon’s Flight," seeming one with nature, comfortable in its midst, mirroring the liberating flight of the falcon. Like for the ancient Greeks, for Pereznieto the perfection of the external form reveals the perfection of the spirit; the human body does not confine, but rather is a conduit to exploring nature and finding a deeper meaning in life."  -Claudia Moscovici