Three mermaids and a castaway represent love, desire, sadness, ambition, and the illusion of a possible fortune. 

Graphite drawing 16 x 21 inches

(40 x 54 cm)

$2,500 USD

The Journey

The moment when, with no words, the companions communicate and become one, just before embarking on a long journey. 

Graphite drawing 7 1/2 x 14 inches 

(19 x 36 cm)
$900 USD


Dancing away with passion. Following a free being. 

Graphite drawing 15 x 11 inches

(38 x 28 cm)

$900 USD


Intimate moments that become transcendental. 

Graphite drawing 8 x 13 inches

(20 x 33 cm)

$900 USD

Ballerina (sketch)

A loose and expressive sketch of a beautiful ballerina getting ready to perform. 

Graphite drawing 7 x 9 inches

(18 x 23 cm)

$500 USD