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Leonardo Pereznieto is one of the most publicly followed fine artists in the world, with over 1.5 Million subscribers and fans on his social media sites, such as YouTube and Facebook.

A Mexican sculptor and painter, Leonardo has had 32 solo shows in museums and galleries throughout Europe, Asia, USA and Mexico. He's also the recipient of numerous awards, such as the Gold Medal of the Italy Award for Visual Arts and the “Premio Firenze,” bestowed on him by the government of Florence.

Leonardo has delivered over 50 lectures about the business and practice of art around the world, including at the NY Academy of Art, at the Rockefeller Center for the Wharton Alumni Club of NY; the University of Michigan, the Estate University in Kharkov (Ukraine) and the Celebrity Centre London.

He shares his passion for art with the general public in instructional videos. His popular art tutorials on the Youtube channels “Fine Art-Tips” (in English) and "Arte Divierte" (in Spanish) get over 2 million video views a month.

His work has a life-like quality, which is nevertheless full of imagination and fancy; a delicate sensual touch; a passionate sense of the spirituality of earthly existence.