• Simple techniques for realistic drawings book by artist Leonardo

Simple Techniques for Realistic Drawings:

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Here you can see the images of the cover and back cover of the new book by Leonardo.
In this book Pereznieto covers the basics of drawing, including basic materials and techniques. It also contains 18 proyects with step by step instructions and images which you can follow. These include subjects to master a wide range of amazing textures and effects, including the following:
-How to Draw Gemstones
-How to Draw Metals
-How to Draw Hard Surfaces (i.e. wood, marble and rock)
-How to Draw Crystal and Glass
-How to Draw Water
-How to Draw Flowers


Drawing the Female Figure With Live Models

Drawing the Female Figure With Live Models eBook

This female figure drawing tutorial with live models ebook contains the procedure, with simple explanations and step-by-step photos to create each of 5 drawings. In addition it contains the links to watch the 5 videos where you will be able to see how each drawing was done, from a blank piece of paper, to tracing the figure, to shadowing, etc. up to completion. As part of the tutorial you will see the models, uncensored, so you can draw them yourself.



This ebook is about the sculptures of artist Leonardo Pereznieto.
It is a 72 page ebook containing 53 color photos of Pereznieto's sculptures, as well as 22 working sketches by the artist. Texts by best-selling author Claudia Moscovici.